Krystal Cragg


I've been back many times now, still only for facials, although I've started also getting my eyebrows tinted.  And I now see Krystal every time, who is wonderful: her facial treatments are perfect, her hand and foot massage is phenomenal, and she lets you doze off and dream, or chat as you wish, it is very comfortable working with her.  

Also, regarding my earlier comment about appointment availability, now that I am a regular, Stephanie and Donna book me in for my next appointment if the schedule looks like it is filling up, which I really appreciate.  So availability is no longer an issue for me, and besides, isn't it actually a good sign that they're so busy?

Solé Salon and Spa is great.  It's a relaxing, sophisticated but non-pretentious salon-spa where you can pamper yourself a little every now and then.


This review if for Krystal, the facialist at Sole Salon. I bought the Living Social deal for 3 facials, which was a great deal, and I've had two excellent facials by Krystal. The staff there has always been nice, offering tea when you enter. My favorite part of the facial is the soothing neck and shoulder massage that you get. My skin always comes out glowing and it's just a lovely, relaxing experience. 

The only small thing is that it's hard to get an appointment, but if you put yourself on the waiting list call list, you almost always get a call for an earlier appointment.
Caroline Y.

Have now had 3 facials from Krystal and think she is wonderful.  
Highly recommended.
Very skilled and not at all chatty.
You won't be disappointed.
Naomi M.