Jennifer Hasegawa Heinzer


I received a handful of compliments on my hair today from complete strangers and now that I'm looking  at my "do" I must say my hair looks INCREDIBLE!! Thanks againJen!!!!!
Dawna Y.

There will be no more ponytails hiding my mangy tresses ('cause they are gone!!!!). My hair has looked hot since I started seeing Jen Hasegawa. I just got my hair cut by her for the third time. I've received so many compliments since she has started doing my hair. I really wanted to go for a short a-line and Jen has hit it out of the ball park all three times. She is also a gifted colorist and manages my roots (I'm a blond who has gone dark brunette.)

I would also like to give a shout out to Carmen for awesome facials!
Maggie G.

Been a customer here since 2007. My stylist is Jennifer. She is awesome. My experience here has always been great. They offer tea during your appointment, gives you a head massage, shampoo, and styling after your haircut. I've always wanted to walk into a salon and tell the stylist to do whatever they want,  just make me beautiful. I finally found the salon where I can do that. I've always had long hair since I was a kid but I was going through a change in 2007 and decided to chop my hair off. So Jennifer gave me a bob cut. I LOVED it. I think I cut off at least 8"-10". Ever since then I always want to try something new and I never regret doing it. My fiancée loves the way I smell when i come back from the salon and he loves the way it is style. I recommended a lot of my friends and family there and I would say most of them like it here.

I've been searching for a place to get my hair cut for the past two years. I think I've finally found the place.  I had my appointment with Jennifer, who was super friendly and took direction well. But she also was able to figure out what kind of cut would accent my face best. The scalp massage smelled great, but I wished it was a little longer because it smelled SO GOOD. 
I will definitely be coming back.
Briana L.
I go here to see Jennifer. I originally went to this salon because every time I move I choose an Aveda since they're consistently good across locations. My first visit to Sole I was eh about it. Partially this is my fault- I asked for a 'blah' haircut and I got a 'blah' haircut. The second time I went I saw Jenn and she gave me this fabulous asymmetrical bob which was totally my style. She most recently chopped my hair into an adorable pixie in a Michelle William meets Ann Hathaway style. Once Jennifer started cutting my hair I haven't gone to anyone else. She listens to what I want and makes it a great cut. I will say if you are that boring person that want 1/4" cut off of your  mid-back length hair don't bother. Go to super cuts and get a hair cut for $20. Also, if you're looking for color (specifially blonde) Jenn is really good. After I cropped my hair I started bleaching it to a platinum blonde. My hair was multiple colors (a bad dye job growing out) and she made it seamless and natural like I just rolled out of Sweden. 
Helen W.