Guy Gargiullo

Vice President/CFO

Coming to Solè was going to be a six week experiment.  I came to Solè with operations, financial and customer service experience.  I learned to wear many different hats throughout the years.  What I love most is my process of daily tasks that are never in the same order, throughout my workday.  I get energized by change.

I embrace change and love experiencing new concepts in my professional, as well as my personal life.  I am the first one to get overexcited when a new Aveda product launches in our salon & spa!  Change embraces progression.  Where would we be as humans without progression?  I know the concept of change can be apprehensive to some, however, experimenting with new ideas and the like, fosters valuable life lessons on a daily basis.  With that notion, I always say, I would never trade in my age for the wisdom I have been fortunate to receive over the years.  Lessons learned, change is good.

Certifications/Advanced Training


Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, William Paterson University, Wayne NJ.

Aveda Business College I 

Aveda Business College II

Benchmarking for Success