Cupping & Gua Sha
Facial Cupping & Gua Sha are forms of traditional eastern medicine that 
are beneficial for maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

Cupping is a technique in which soft silicone cups are used to create 
the comfortable suction on the skin, which then is manipulated in upward, 
lifting motions.

In Gua Sha, your practitioner utilizes smoothly polished natural stones 
to run along the surface of the skin in gentle, upward motions.

Both techniques are beneficial for smoothing the deeper layers of the skin
where wrinkles begin to form. They also promote healthy skin by increasing
lymphatic drainage & improving circulation.

Immediate benefits include relaxed facial tension, relief from a headache 
and sinus congestion, improved radiance & clarity, and a lifted or 
contoured appearance to the skin.

Long-term benefits include visibly reduced fine lines & wrinkles, 
detoxification, and lifted, toned & defined facial contours.

*In your treatment the techniques are used interchangeably as seen fit by 
your practitioner.